The Artist
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Born in 1971, I grew up in a very small mountain village in western Norway. Living this remote and in a particularly harsh climate left me in admiration and respect for the tremendous forces of nature.

It also generated a strong desire to travel, meet people from other cultures and see other parts of the world. At the age of 15, I came down from the mountains.
I discovered my passion for clay and ceramics a few years later, in New Zealand. Peter Lange, my first teacher, also introduced me to woodfiring.

Firing my pots with wood got essential for me at an early stage, and after a year-long course in Auckland I went to the centre of France to learn more about the art of woodfire.

I spent a year and a half in La Borne, a village well known for its variety of woodkilns and long traditions of woodfired stoneware.

Getting experienced in the techniques of woodkiln construction, I got invited to construct an anagama kiln in Brazil.

ascinated by the knowledge about woodfiring and throwing in the region I went back to the centre of France,
this time to Saint-Amand en Puisaye.

This village has records of potters activity dating back to the 11th century.

spent three years there, learning the specialized techniques for throwing big pots and firing the enormous ancient woodkilns.

Teaching at the French National Centre of Ceramics and working for the preservation and transmission of the local tradition and skill at ASPPP became an important task for me in this period.

After many years of living abroad I have set up a studio and built a kiln in Voss, Norway, not far from my birth village.
My elemental approach to ceramics surely has its background in me growing up close to nature, and I get boundless inspiration and energy from my surroundings, mountains, lakes and forests.

With many international contacts I continue my travels, and I have punctual projects abroad, but I work and fire on a regular basis in Voss, and hope to make an interesting contribution to norwegian ceramics.

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