Kiln building workshop.

Organized by
Centre d'Etudes et de Diffusion des Techniques d'Expression


Dates :24th to 31st march 2007 included,
We will build the kiln in Saint-Calais -near Le Mans - Sarthe (France).

The workshop objective is to review the essential knowledge (pratical and "theoretical") necesssary to build a professional production woodkiln.

The kiln built will be of the "Sèvres type", a 2-firebox, 1-chamber, 1.5m3 woodkiln.


Wood firing principles
Pros and cons of wood as a kiln fuel.
Practical and economical points.
Quick review of wood kiln history.
Sèvres kiln, plan.

Brick laying,specific methods in kiln building.
Walls building.
Mortar and refractory mixes.
Vaults. Drawing and building methods.
Iron reinforcements.
Insulation mixes, making and use.
Workshop will be lead by Claude AUSSAGE. Formerly physicist converted to ceramics, he is inspired by oriental aesthetic and woodfiring. Claude has already built different type of kilns : primitive, roman, anagama, noborigama, Kassel, both in France and in Japan.
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