Physicist lost to science by twisted paths, between business and computers, I've ended-up, after many years, by falling head-first into clay. . With great pleasure... it smells so good!

Since then, clay transforms in my hands, often unwillingly, sometimes docile, according to the day and my state of mind.
Every day in the workshop,the simplest tasks and sometimes intense reflection fill up the time.

In front of the wood-fired kiln, I love the moments of concentration, contemplation and conviviality. And sometimes, I can feel a pure emotion when the kiln is opened...

So the clay starts a new life..



My ceramic CV (Word document)

Camille during firing of the small wood kiln
Nov 2004 - Saint Amand en Puisaye
Thank you ...

To those who were patient enough, who helped me discover what I've been able to learn about ceramics.
Dauphine Scalbert,my first teacher, Karinne Dessag, vigilant over my awkward gestures,
Marc Uzan with his passion for glazes, Annie Metzger with her mind opener multicultural workshop.
Thanks to all my Japanese friends potters or not, from Tokoname, Kanayama, Kasama and Shigaraki who gave me so much !
Thanks to all those who encouraged me and shared passionnate discussions...

  ... and special thanks to François Eve, always generous with advice, for his hospitality at Saint Amand
and for his dream that came true...
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