July-August 2005
A few pictures from my stay in Tokoname (Japan)

 Exhibition at
INAX Gallery
(August 2005)


Is Koichi San looking for the cones ?!

A few pieces I made in Tokoname, fired in the 2.5m3 wood kiln we built in 3 weeks time... Exhibition at the "Tokoname Yakimono Matsuri" (Annual National Ceramics

We are building the IWCAT's anagama's vault.
Built to last 20 years !

With local volunteers my discussions in japanese was a little sketchy but I improved...


In the local newspaper...

White glaze bowl on Tokoname's high iron content clay.

In Shigaraki, making some tanuki friends !

Unloading... A lot of surprises !

A lot of different clays and the first firing of a new kiln... give a lot of surprising results !

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