Very few ceramics places are like this one... Energetic place, nice people, inspired Kamamoto ("kiln master")!  
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A month spent in Tsugaru Kanayama Pottery (Goshogawara, Aomori prefecture - Japan) sounds at first intimidating. Three noborigamas (2 to 8 chambers !), one small "haikaburi", a "sueki" kiln, a big round Olsen kiln and finally a one chamber "noborigama" in the same courtyard is already unusual.

When you know that there is always one kiln firing on any day of the year, you begin to feel yourself quite small there and you understand that somebody special is behind the scenes...

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The eight chamber noborigama, and the new kiln we built in 2006 (in construction : clean bricks...) connected to the noborigama flue !
Kamamoto Ryouji Matsumiya.
Spirit, leader and endless energy of Kanayama.


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